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Indian Crossbow Shooting Association is registered under the Society Act 1860 India.

It is a Non-Profit Organization, affiliated with World Crossbow Shooting Association. Created with the main objective to promote Crossbow Shooting sports game in India. Crossbow game is much popular in other parts of the world and has been played in USA, Australia and many European countries since decades.

Mr Rajat Vij is the President and Mrs Hina Vij is the Secretary General of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association.

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Message from President

I am Rajat Vij President of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association. I am an International Sports player of Crossbow.
Crossbow is an advance version of archery it is similar to archery.
One can use the crossbow for many things starting from hunting to relieving stress. India is a country which is fast progress with the crossbow in terms of shooting sports game.
This very crossbow was used by super star Mr Amitabh Bachchan in his movie Toffan.
In 2014 February, in the sports history of India, The international Crossbow Shooting Championship was organised by me in City of Taj Mahal Agra.
I had the good fortune of representing India eight times at various International crossbow shooting championships in Europe, United States of America & Australia, I was fortunate enough to win each time and brought medals to our country.
Looking at my achievements and efforts ,the world crossbow shooting association made me India's first ever"Asian Development Officer".
I am trying my utmost to fullfill my commitment in promoting the game of crossbow in India, beside all this I am training and preparing crossbow shooters in other Asian Countries.
Beside in July 2015, As a Team leader of Indian team, I took 9 Indian players to Florida U.S.A for the 7th World Crossbow Shooting Championship. Indian team was the champion with 9 Gold medals ,8 Silver medals with 3 bronze medals and as far our team has maintained the world record by establishing 18 world championship records ,11 world record and 28 asian records .
On 17 March 2016, This game was given a hindi name of"DESI DHANUSH " in the presence and with the co-operation of honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Akhilesh Yadav and along with the launch of official web site & Logo of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association. I, Rajat Vij and our General Secretary/World Crossbow Champion 2015 USA Mrs. Hina Vij are responsible for getting this game in to India were awarded and honoured by Golden Books of World Record .
In June 2016 in the capacity of Coach as well as the team leader of Indian Team, I took junior team to Portugal to participate in the "3D World Crossbow Shooting Championship" Our Indian team brought 1 Silver medal and 1 bronze medal .

Rajat Vij
Indian Crossbow Shooting Association

Website: www.indiancrossbow.in
Offical Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RajatVijOfficial.Page

First Female World Champion

In the 7th "˜World Crossbow Shooting Championship" which was organised under the banner of "World Crossbow Shooting Association" held in America, Florida, Indian team has set a new record by winning 31 medals under the aforesaid category. Hina vij is the first female from agra city to take part in this global event. Moreover her glorious win with 2 Gold and 3 Silver has given India its first female crossbow champion. She was the only participant representing her state (Uttar Pradesh) in team India. In the skilful and hi-tech version of crossbow hina has made her country proud by winning two gold and three silver medals. Coming to the details of the competition hina has won gold in "˜Open female" category apart from this she has also proved her skill by winning silver in Open event of Match play round. The list goes on,hina won "two gold" in fastest round in mixed team and won other category. Indian team wonderful performance has exaggerated under the direction of Rajat vij. Mr Rajat himself is an International Crossbow player and has made his country proud by winning many medals in the category. As of now he is playing a crucial role coaching the Indian crossbow team. He also has an important place in the management as he is the president of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association and also represents Asia as a Asian Development officer in "World Crossbow shooting Association".

World Crossbow Champion 2015 USA

Remarks from John Clark

Crossbow development in India & South Asia

Crossbow shooting is a very new sport for India and is controlled by the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association (ICSA). The ICSA is a member of the WCSA with President Rajat Vij working hard to establish the sport. Mr. Rajat Vij has also been appointed as the WCSAâ„¢ Asian Development Officer, with interest being shown in countries such as Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Secretary General -
World Crossbow Shooting Association

Official Logo & Website Launch

Date:- 17th March 2016

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has said that the present samajwadi government was committed to encouraging sports and players and that the government has setrolling a host of initiatives and schemes to encourage, enhance and promote sports. The Chief Minister was today speaking at an event organized by the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association at Eklavya stadium in Agra after the launch of logo, website:- www.indiancrossbow.in and jersey of 'desi dhanush'. He also lauded the efforts of the International Crossbow Shooter Vij couple of Agra who were trying to promote the sport. He added that the 'desi dhanush' logo and websitelaunch would give a new identity to the sport and also give boost to the moraleof crossbow shooters.

Mr. Yadav further stated that the state government wascontinuously striving to encourage and promote sports so that the players getto perform even better at national and international sporting events. The Chief Minister also informed of the cash incentive given to players who win medals at international and national sporting events.Terming the world famous Taj Mahal as an icon of love which attracts people to Agra from world over, Mr. Yadav detailed various development, social welfare schemes and work being done to improve policing and that the Dial 100 schemewould be available for people from June 2016. Expressing hope that due to these schemes and all-round development in the state, the Samajwadi government would get another term, the Chief Minister also took a potshot at people with negative mindset and said that they would always blow small things out of proportion. Also present on the occasion, vice-president of the World Crossbow Shooting Association Ms. Patricia Copley, 20 crossbow shooters from Sweden, Japan,Portugal, America and India, couple of Mr. Rajat Vij and Mrs. Hina Vij, patron Mr. Nitin Kohli, former Minister and Legislator Mr. Raja Aridaman Singh, public representatives, senior officials of the state government and a large number ofsports lovers.

For more information please visit our official facebook page facebook.com/ICSA.Official.Page/

World Record Certificate's

By - Golden Book Of World Records

By - Golden Book Of World Records

By - World Crossbow Shooting Association


6th World Crossbow Shooting Championship, 2013 Visby - SWEDEN

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1st Indian Open Crossbow Shooting Championship, 2014 Agra - INDIA.

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7th World Crossbow Shooting Championship, 2015 Florida - AMERICA

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Official Logo & Website Launch, Agra, India March 2016

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1st National "Desi Dhanush" crossbow shooting championship 2016 Agra - India

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3D World Crossbow Shooting Championship 2016, Portugal

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Open National Crossbow Shooting Championship, 2017 Agra, India

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Acknowledging World Crossbow Shooting Association Officials- Fort Lauderdale USA, 13-19 July 2015

Acknowledging 3D World Crossbow Shooting Championship Officials, - Idanaha-a-Nova Portugal, June 2016

ICSA Honoured Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Akhilesh Yadav- Agra India, March 2016

International Crossbow Shooters Honoured Shri Akhilesh Yadav Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh- Agra India, March 2016

Crossbow Impresses The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav- Lucknow India, 24 October 2015

Acknowledging The Mayor Of Ennigerloh City,- Germany, 21 May 2015

Affiliated with World Crossbow Shooting Association

Membership Certificate Calendar Year 2016 & 2017

Membership Certificate Calendar Year 2016 & 2017

Membership Certificate Calendar Year 2015

Membership Certificate Calendar Year 2015

Certificate Asian Development Officer

Membership Certificate Calendar Year 2014

Crossbow Fever

"When the crossbow bug bites you the passion you develop for the sport stays with you forever" - Rajat Vij


International News

Article in the National Newspaper of Sweden

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Coverage in Times of India -Agra Times


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